VibeLab engages, connects, informs, promotes, and counsels cross-sector stakeholders to keep cities vibrant and flourishing after dark. Our expertise and international network helps all those seeking out new paths to make change. 

VibeLab facilitates the exchange of ideas and provides tried and tested tools, formats and best practices to communities, institutions, government agencies and brands


Night Mayor Symposium
Exchanging know-how internationally

Night Time Data Hackathon
Prototyping workshop

Enter the Void
Urban Participation

On a Mission
Female Empowerment

Night Camp
Desgin Thinking Workshop

Creative Footprint Forum
How to fund creative space

Creative Footprint Study
Measuring creative space

Urban Delegation
Curated tour to leading nightlife capitals

Night Mayor Academy
How to build a strong night advocacy

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VibeLab is bringing the nightlife movement around the world

Many cities are creating new nightlife policy. The time is now for your city to grow as a global nightlife capital

We are having active conversations with Bogota, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Amsterdam, and several more international nightlife capitals about bringing the tools and experiences to their cities